August 10, 2009

Life In The Green Zone

Welcome to sunny Iraq...

Briton charged over shooting death of Australian and British contractors in Iraq
Baghdad military spokesman Qassem Atta said alcohol was being investigated as a factor in this morning's shooting.

"The (alleged) perpetrator arrived yesterday from abroad. They drank a lot and afterwards there was a dispute, then he took his weapon and killed the two men," Atta said.

"After that he went outside of the trailer and he shot an Iraqi and injured him in the leg. Security forces surrounded him and he gave himself up," he said, adding the man was under arrest with Iraqi police.

Meanwhile, back in Bushworld:
As tough economic times push more people onto the streets, the number of violent, sometimes deadly attacks against the homeless are becoming a trend in the United States, a report has found.

The National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH) put the number of attacks in 2008 at 106, including 27 deaths, with Florida leading states in the nation at 30 attacks, three among them resulting in deaths. More incidents are thought to have occurred but gone unreported.

The total number of attacks was less than the 160 recorded last year but still far above the 60 listed in 1999.

Although the motive for the violence was often unclear, some attackers said they acted out of "boredom" or for a "thrill" or "fun," according to the report released Friday.

Most of the attacks -- 73 percent -- were committed by individuals who were 25 years old or younger, with the bulk of that group teenagers.
US Army recruiters are not going to be short of cannon fodder, obviously.

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Bukko_in_Australia said...

Sorry to say this, but I have no sympathy for the dead Queenslander mercenary, despite his three children. You leave the Air Force to sign up with jackals, then don't come crying when one of them bites you, mate. Meanwhile, I hope the drunken murderous Brit gets a two-year custodial sentence in an Iraqi prison. The prisoners will give him his deserved justice in two weeks. Die at their hands, you bastard, like you've killed so many of them.


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