August 28, 2009

... So On To The Next Expensive Cover-up!

ADF launches inquiry into Afghan police shooting:
The Australian Defence Force has launched a comprehensive inquiry into the killing of an Afghani police officer by Australian troops.

The soldiers shot the man and seriously injured another, when they failed to stop at a check point in Afghanistan earlier this month.

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Bukko_in_Australia said...

Whatever happend with the enquiry into the shooting death of that garbo truckie born in Houston, Tex. who was killed by Diggers inside the "Green Zone" in Baghdad some years back? I vaguely recall some wrist-slapping, but no heads rolling. ICBB to Goggleize it. But when boys are running around with guns in zones where they are so scared of the surrounding instability that they'll shoot before thinking, that's what happens. Murder, just waiting to be unleashed...


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