August 25, 2009

You Remember John Howard's Brain, Don't You?

How did he become a NAB director? Gosh, you'd almost think the banks ran the country (not forgetting Turnbull was a Goldman Sachs boy)...

Sinodinos 'front runner' for Nelson seat
Liberal sources say the seat, the safest federal Liberal metropolitan electorate in the country, is Arthur Sinodinos' if he wants it.

Bradfield includes well-heeled, leafy suburbs such as St Ives, Killara and Chatswood.

But Mr Sinodinos, 52, who is in Melbourne on business as a managing director at the National Australia Bank, has been unavailable for comment.

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Bukko_in_Australia said...

Look, it's just SO much easier if the bankmaggots are DIRECTLY in the government seats instead of pulling strings behind the scenes! Sometimes their poor arms get so tired...


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