September 21, 2009

Beyond Parody

Because without NYT and Wapo, the world would not exist.

Obama open to newspaper bailout bill - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room


Bukko_in_Australia said...

Beyond parody indeed! If it was in The Onion, I'd find it more plausible.

(You've never had a chance to read The Onion in print, have you? To tell the truth, the online version is better. They used to distribute it free in San Francisco, but I've heard that has stopped because it was losing money. Where's THEIR bailout?!?)

Based on who's sponsoring it, I reckon this is to help the Baltimore Sun. It used to be a good newspaper, (just like Baltimore used to be a good town, but now they've both gone into U.K.-level industrial decline.) A lot of my J-school mates from the University of Maryland went to work for it. Now it's pathetic in its news coverage and thin in size. Even my mum doesn't subscribe any more. (She does take the Moonie Washington Times, though, in addition to the Post.)

Feck 'em all. They don't do what newspapers SHOULD do, hold the powerfuls' feet to the fire. Let 'em die.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Off-topic, but do you follow Steve Keen? He's a brilliant economist from Sydney, like an Aussie Roubini or Stiglitz. The guy who's interviewing him in these YouTube clips, Max Keiser, is a wild and crazy Goldman Sachs basher (and believer in the 9/11 conspiracy movement.) Worth a squizz.


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