September 30, 2009

Rather Not Know The Truth?

A big call:

Dan Rather Lawsuit Against CBS TOSSED In Entirety
"At the outset, we find that Supreme Court erred in declining to dismiss Rather's breach of contract claim against CBS," the court added.

Rather's team is appealing the dismissal. It would be great to see that report of Bush's AWOL National Service becoming public record. But obviously there are huge powers lined up to ensure it never happens. Not just because of the embarrassment to Duby & Co, but also for Big Media's sake.


Bukko_in_Australia said...

Is it any surprise? Speaking strictly legalistically, I reckon Rather had no case. In the U.S., you can be sacked for anything (except if the boss is stupid enough to announce in writing or before lots of witnesses "You're fired because you're black/female/old/I don't like your religion.")

Workers, including famous ones like Rather, have no rights. CBS kept paying him money, right? (I haven't read every jot and tittle about his suit.) It just didn't give him the plum TV spots he wanted. While I think CBS (and most of the rest of the establishment U.S. meeja) are lapdogs for the fascists, I think Dan didn't stand a chance. That's because cases are decided on the narrow reading of the law, not what's "justice."

G. said...

Yeah, I thought of that too Bukko. But the fact he made it all the way to the Supreme Court suggests he either has some kind of case or a shitload of money to pay for good lawyers (unless they are bro bono). Anyway, all publicity for this issue is good publicity I guess.


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