September 11, 2009

Where Are They Now?

Gone And Forgotten

Given how things were from 2001 until the presidential campaign heated up, it's really quite stunning how George W. Bush is utterly missing from our discourse. The conservative movement was for that period all about elevating Dear Leader, and now he's just gone.

-Atrios 15:09

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Bukko_in_Australia said...

I'm sure you remember that the little toad popped out of his hole a few times, first being in Calgary, Canadahoovia, to speak for big bucks. Perhaps no one wants to pay him money. Snarlin' Dick is doing the holwing for the Bush Crime Family legacy. The Repiglickins are trying to forget him -- I see comments on blogs from conservatives about how "I never liked him when he was in there" and left-wingers have so many new things to yelp about, particularly how Obama is selling them out.

So Bush-boy? He was irrelevant when in "power" except as a folksy figurehead, a la Reagan. And now that he's out, he has no more relevance than a tissue you've blown snot into and thrown on the footpath.


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