September 07, 2009

Die, you Bastard

Howard recovering after health scare
Howard was having some routine dental treatment on Friday at Castlecrag Private Hospital when he suffered an anaphylactic reaction to the anaesthetic.

Mr Howard was rushed to Royal North Shore by ambulance where he was immediately treated.


Stop Murdoch said...

That's exactly what I thought but still laughed out loud to see it in writing.

Why is the old coot still getting his teeth done? Vain little monster.

G. said...

Clinging to earthly things while his body rots.

Maybe a long, drawn-out and painful medical condition would bring a fitting end. Meanwhile he hides behind the bulletproof shutters in his little Wollestonecraft hole, strutting in front of the mirrors, inspecting his freshly whitened teeth, dreaming of the glory days.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Howard DIE!!!!! would make a nice blog name.


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