September 19, 2009

Sorry, But This IS Funny!

Of course mental illness is nothing to joke about. But this guy is the Lib's go-to man on emissions etc. And he plans to resume his job as soon as he's "well" again!

Robb takes leave over depressive illness - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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Bukko_in_Australia said...

I wish I could make a snarky joke, since he's a Lib and all, and is putting out an insane policy that will help destroy the planet. But at least the bastard has the courage to own up to his illness, and do something about it. (Unlike, say, certain people that I'm married to...) Maybe when he's "well" he'll be cured of Liberal Party membership!

Seriously, though, Aussie politicians DO seem to be afflicted with higher rates of depression than American ones. (And I have never heard of the syndrome that Robb has -- "daybreak depression"?) We get the ones who are psychotically paranoid, and you get the Downers (pun intended.)


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