April 28, 2005

Say It Like It Is: BUSH LIED

Bravo to Kevin McMillan of Columbia University and bravo to Juan Cole for publishing his comments on his Informed Comment blog:
It is a simple, incontrovertible and easily demonstrable fact that the Bush Administration carried out a massive and systematic campaign of deception with respect to its case for war in Iraq and with respect to alleged WMDs in particular...

There's no need to play softball with this Administration. Its case for war was fraudulent or ludicrous in virtually every respect, and so many of its deceptions were demonstrably so at the time they were made.

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Winter Patriot said...

You are exactly right! And the worst part of it is, the truth about the alleged WMDs was out there all the time. To see it, all you had to do was to listen to Hans Blix and/or Scott Ritter, and do a bit of thinking.

I don't mean to blow my own horn, but to me the thought process seemed very simple: Why would Hans Blix lie? Does he have a history of lying? Why would Scott Ritter lie? Does he have a history of lying? Why would George Bush lie? Does he have a history of lying? QED! Iraq has no WMDs!

I'm fed up with Americans who say "We were misled by the media." I'm still waiting to hear one person say "We were too stupid to know we were being lied to. And we should have known it all along."

OK OK OK. End of rant. You're doing a great job. How I wish your blog were required reading for all Americans! Or even my blog, for that matter.


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