July 28, 2005

GREAT NEWS!!! The War On Terror Is Over!!!

Well, kind of. From the London Telegraph via SMH:
Washington: The "war on terror", the resonant catchphrase of the Bush Administration for the past four years, is to be discreetly phased out in favour of more nuanced language.

The re-branding is part of what America's critics will say is a long overdue acknowledgement by the Pentagon of the complexity of the challenge of combating al-Qaeda.

"As the struggle evolves some of the language will evolve as well," a senior Administration official said.

Officials are instead favouring the rather less snappy phrase "struggle against violent extremism" as the Administration puts increased stress on longer-term initiatives - diplomatic, economic and educational - to defeat terrorism.

The phrase "war on terror" was "very simple, easy, concise", the official said. "The definition lends itself to images of those in uniform combating extremism and terrorists, but the struggle is broader than that."

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Richard Myers, said this week that he "objected to the use of the term 'war on terrorism' because if you call it a war, then you think of people in uniform as being the solution".

The solution was "more diplomatic, more economic, more political than it is military", he said.
Well, who would ever have guessed that you cannot deploy the most powerful military force in history to defeat a noun, a method or a tactic (the exact target of the war has never been too clear)?

It looks like the "War on Terror" will go the same way as the "War on Drugs" (haven't heard that one for a while either, have we?).

So what will the new catch-phrase wording be? My own favourite: "The War on Ahem"???

Or maybe a more honest approach: "The War On Furrinerrs"? "War On Abroad"?

Or maybe it's time to drop the whole "war" thing altogether and take a more hands-on approach: "Love George Or Go To Gitmo"? "US Empire Today - Or Else"?

Let me know your thoughts - winner gets a free year's subscription to this blog!

UPDATE: Michael Moore has beaten me to it! Top suggestions to his comp include:

Terror War ('War On's Don't Work)
Renewable Enemy Program (my favourite)
The Neo-Crusades
War for a Terrorist-Free Lifestyle
The War with Radical Reality
Cowboys & Evil-Doers
Global Struggle Against Real Baaaaaaaad Vibrations
Big Dubya's Demolition Derby (Available in Hi-Definition to most residents of Iraq)
Islamic Bacon

Moore suggests you send your favourite suggestion to the Pentagon!


gandhi said...

War On Whatever?

Exadios said...

That the White House is proposing replacing a contest against one noun with another shows that they have not thought much about our present situation.

gandhi said...

How about a War On Nouns?


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