September 27, 2005

Staring Into The Abyss

Billmon says he was not ready to advocate immediate withdrawal from Iraq until he checked out the depraved images of butchered Iraqis on nowthat'sf*
As a nation, we may be so desensitized to violence and so inured to mechanized carnage on a grand scale that we're psychologically capable of tolerating genocidal warfare against anyone who can successfully be labeled a "terrorist." Or at least, a sizable enough fraction of the America public may be willing to tolerate it, or applaud it, to make the costs politically bearable...
One wonders if the MSM is ever going to pick up on the story of these grisly images, or if it is simply too horrible a subject to even mention on the evening news? You can bet your ass that people like Bin Laden are already using such photos as recruitment propaganda for suicide bombers.

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