June 19, 2006

Arianna Huffington: The Cocktail That Saved Karl Rove's Ass. Readers' comments are a good example of steaming indignation soaked in five years of helplessness. EG:
Why single out poor Turd Blossom? And why worry about this piece of minutia at this point? If illegally lying to the public and Congress to launch a pre-emptive war on another country, wiretapping tens of millions of Americans illegally, ad nauseum, is entirely acceptable, why bother trying to zap an underling for a relatively minor infraction? Face it--Bush's handlers have shit all over our democracy and they laugh in our faces as they continue their predations unchecked. "Merry Fitzmas"--what a joke.
So what went wrong with the investigation? This sounds about right to me:
Rove lied, and got caught. Luskin did what any good lawyer does, get his client off. Luskin had to dance fast in order to get Rove back before the grand jury, so he could change his story, since it was plain he was about to get caught. Luskin created the chance, using Ms Novak as a foil, to set up a believable story. Made up, plain lies, nobody will know for sure, since this all came out of Mr Luskin's head. He will make extra money for this.


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