June 23, 2006

I Would Sell My Soul For Total Control

How America is rapidly becoming a police state:
Bush's line of thinking on this is that the ends justify the means, no matter who has to be tortured; no matter who has to die. No matter who has to be invaded, bombed, killed or have their property taken from them, or their houses raided by federal agents. No matter what has to happen, in George Bush's mind, it's worth it to "get the terrorists." He can invoke the terror scare to insist on just about any transgression against the civil liberties of the American people. That is the most frightening thing of all.

The actions of President Bush and his administration are far more terrifying to me -- as someone who understands American history and world history -- than any actions taken by the terrorists, because a group of terrorists can destroy one building, but a group of power-hungry national leaders -- who are willing to do anything to justify their personal political agenda -- can destroy an entire nation, and that's what I see this administration doing right now.
Karl Rove's stated for the GOP is to hold power forever: to become unchallenge-able politically. Now add to that their myopic vision of right-wing Republicans (or more specifically their own inner circle) as "the good guys", their interpretation of the President's powers, and their "ends justify the means" attitude to problems. You can see where they are headed, can't you?
I have a question for you: If president Bush would secretly sign off on top-secret surveillance programs that would violate laws -- to spy on Americans citizens in their own homes and in their own jobs -- and if this administration would actively engage in the torture of political prisoners, and would even refuse to outlaw torture, then what would this administration not do? Is there anything it would not do to achieve its political agendas?

Where does this end?
But now assume they gain such unassailable control of the USA on a long-term basis, as they evidently believe they can (if not, they would be cutting and running by now). And then think about what that means for the world at large.

It is not only US citizens who should be afraid of the Bush regime.


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