June 22, 2006

Rupert's Jobs For The Neocons

Jose Maria Aznar, the former Spanish PM who lost power after dragging his unwilling country to war in Iraq at George W. Bush's bidding, has been made a director on the board of Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation.

The former Spanish tax inspector has been friends for several years with Rupert Murdoch, the man who controls News Corp...

Aznar has led the right-leaning FAES foundation thinktank and lectured at Georgetown University in Washington since he left office after eight years.
Wikipedia suggests FAES is "closely linked" to the US neocons.

You have to wonder if this appointment is a good business decision on Rupert's part. One assumes the board members (Murdoch's son and heir-apparent Lachlan is also on the board) are all just well-connected, highly-paid lackies whose job is to say "Yes" to whatever the Chairman decides, in which case Aznar should fit in just perfectly.

Mind you, Aznar's grandfather, Manuel Aznar Zubigaray, was editor of the El Sol newspaper and a firm Franco supporter who helped create Fascist propaganda. So maybe he is more suited than he first seems.

Plus ca change, eh?


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