June 07, 2006

The War On Common Sense and Decency

Why UK police had to break into a house and shoot an innocent man:
It is understood that attempts to corroborate the information were not made because of the perceived need to act quickly. "If there was an immediate risk to public safety, there would not have been time to bug the house," an intelligence source said. A counter-terrorism official said: "If the intelligence was right there was a serious risk to the public. We did not know if it was right or not until we went in." Another official added: "Intelligence is patchy. Even if it suggests a 5% likelihood of something nasty, we can't take that risk".
This police action was based on one piece of uncollaborated evidence from an informer.

So, by the same token, I would like to advise the UK police that there is a WMD jammed firmly up Tony Blair's arse, set to explode in 5 minutes.

Quick, men! There's no time to waste!!!


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