June 09, 2006

Blood Lust Does Funny Things

This disgraceful CSM story suggests that all that's left to do is a mop-up operation: Post-Zarqawi tasks left in Iraq.

How's this for questionable intelligence:
An original aim of the US war in Iraq was to "take the fight to the enemy," or draw Al Qaeda into an Arab land and divert it from attempting more strikes on US soil.
Oh, really? I thought the original aim was to capture Saddam's WMDs before he used them against the USA, liberate the Iraqi people from his barbarous rule and then MAYBE (there was a distinct lack of post-war planning, remember) set up a model US puppet government (aka "Democracy" in BushSpeak) in the Middle East. I don't remember anyone talking about intentionally luring terrorists into Iraq.

The article also says Zarqawi was "the instigator for a budding civil war". So it's all Zarqawi's fault! Amazing!

And in conclusion:
The Bush administration idea that the advance of democracy (even more than US military might and spy work) is the key weapon against Islamic terrorism has been given a boost by the killing of Zarqawi.
We will see, we will see..
In the meantime, the best way to counter such ridiculous and irresponsible media coverage is to complain direct to the outlet involved. I expect more from CSM, who are normally more balanced and - dare I say it? - fair.


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