August 01, 2006

In Which I Blog Like Jeffrey Goldstein
University cocktail party conversation between a young undergraduate and an aging paedophile:

"And what do you do, sir?
"I am a teacher."
"Oh, really? What do you teach?"
"Well, it is a bit unusual, I suppose. But since you ask: I teach Advanced Female Masturbation Techniques."
"As I say, it is an unusual topic. Some people are quite inhibited about even discussing such things..."
"Oh, sure..."
"I have a couple of places available in the coming semester, if you are interested."
"Oh, um... How many students do you normally teach?"
"Well, normally a maximum of two per semester. It's quite intensive, as you will see."


gandhi said...

Nothing whatsoever to do with Israeli War Crimes in Lebanon.

Nothing whatsoever.

gandhi said...

Actually if I were really blogging like Goldstein, there probably wouldn't be any women involved. It's a very closetted, boys-only sort of club, Penis Wisdom.

antiwisdom said...

Actually, goldstein's penis is more like the "boy's club", if you get my drift (cock/face slapping and all that his site entails...)!


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