August 07, 2006

Another Sleepless Night:
Military families outside the Capital for 6 weeks and hardly anyone notices....

People on a hunger strike outside the White house on their 27th day and hardly a whisper.

Many participating in acts of civil disobedience no one hears.

Mothers hugging tombstones trying to will their children back to life.

Mothers lying awake at night crying for their children who have returned home and are living in PTSD hells we can’t even fathom -- I am one of these.

Families who feel like they can’t breathe while their loved one is currently in harms way... waiting for the dreaded knock on the door.

Our children injured and maimed.

Dead Iraqi Men, Women, children and babies. More than we even know.

We cry alone and we cry together. Embracing each other through this vile creature called war. It has wrapped us in its arms. I feel no escape.

How much love will it take to end this war? My child is your child and their children are our children and we all are interconnected. Please God end this madness.

America... AMERICA... AMERICA... America, SAVE OUR CHILDREN!!!


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