August 02, 2006

The Old Dr Evil Syndrome

I suspect the thing that really gets wankers like Blair and Howard off, and the reason why they have supported the Bush neo-cons against all logic, is that they love playing the big stadium.

What I mean by that is, they like to imagine themselves on a higher stage than their domestic contemporaries, or even their predecessors in office. So here, for example, we have Blair threatening Syria and Iran, again with that wild gleam in his eyes, again with his sweeping hand movements.

It's the same thing for the neo-conservatives, small-minded men who have wormed their way into the corridors of power. No wonder they all dismiss their critics so easily and so consistently. It's the old Dr Evil Syndrome, isn't it?
"I am a genius, dammit! How can you fools even begin to understand the forces with which I grapple day and night?!"
Wanking at home, wanking on the big stage: it's still wanking.


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