August 03, 2006

US Out Of UN!

Mike Whitney asks Kofi Annan to expell the USA from the UN Security Council:
I think you'll agree that the UN cannot survive if one of its members on the Security Council supports the idea of unilateral warfare...

You must convene an emergency meeting of the General Assembly to decide whether the United States should be immediately removed from the Security Council. I think you will find that there is broad international support for this proposal. Once the matter is resolved then the US and Israel will be forced to prosecute their conflicts without the mask of international legitimacy...

The administration has decided that it will run the world directly from Washington; transforming the UN into a "cats-paw" for America's geopolitical ambitions. In fact, John Bolton's package of "Reforms" has been nothing more than a blueprint for turning the UN into a fully-owned franchise of the multinational corporations, the international banking establishment and Israel.

This must be stopped.

It is up to you, Mr. Secretary, to put an end to this farce and restore the credibility of the institution.
I am not sure that Kofi has the power to throw the USA off the Security Council, but he may have the power to suspend their veto.


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