September 21, 2006

America Go Bye Bye Now?

As Think Progress notes, even Bush's allies in the Middle East are now telling him that his misguided "War On Ahem" is badly off track.

Here's Karzai:
Military action in Afghanistan alone, therefore, will not deliver our shared goal of eliminating terrorism.
And Musharraf:
Each new battleground involving an Islamic state has served as a new breeding ground for extremists and terrorists. Indiscriminate bombings, civilian casualties, torture, human rights abuses, racial slurs and discrimination only add to the challenge of defeating terrorism.
And Jordan’s King Abdullah:
There can be no just global order when aggression and occupation are permitted to take the place of international law.
This little episode could be a sign of where things are heading:
President George W. Bush said on Wednesday if he had firm intelligence that Osama bin Laden was in Pakistan, he would issue the order to go into that country after the al Qaeda leader.

His statement drew an immediate response from Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, who said Pakistan would handle such a situation itself. Musharraf is extremely sensitive about possible foreign military intervention inside his borders.
Like Bush's allies in the GOP, his international allies have to face reality or face losing their sorry asses.


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