September 19, 2006

Who Are We? Where Are We Going?

Contempt for Life:
"As individuals, we all want a safer, cleaner, less violent world. We all prefer to think we adhere to Schweitzer's ethic of 'reverence for life' and that we are 'civilized.'

But, collectively, humankind behaves in the opposite manner. It's as if our species was born with the seed of insanity in our DNA, doing things guaranteed to cause harm to other species and each other, seeming to delight in inflicting pain.

Because it's so easy to mouth platitudes like 'pro-life' or 'compassionate conservative,' language itself is a victim of this suicide. Jettisoning the sole means by which we communicate is to collectively step into a black abyss where everything is relative, where hate and love are the same and 'reverence' could really mean 'contempt.'

Enter George W. Bush...


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