September 13, 2006

The Sun Turns Green

Or should I say, Rupert Murdoch goes green:
"Too many of us have spent too long in denial over the threat from global warming. The evidence is now irresistible: Searing summers and dry winters in the UK; increasingly frequent tornados and hurricanes worldwide; the shrinking Arctic ice cap."

The voice of Al Gore? Nope. Try Rupert Murdoch. The excerpt is from the editorial in yesterday's London Sun. Last week we pointed to James Murdoch and his growing influence on the News Ltd stable when it came to climate change, but The Sun's backflip is something else entirely. The paper acts as Rupert Murdoch's megaphone -- and now The Sun is saying it was wrong:

"Only the severity and immediacy of the threat is open to debate. This week The Sun will present the evidence and suggest how every one of us can help."

This is not just a backflip for Murdoch, it's a double pike with twist. It's safe to say that this paper is Rupert without the quote marks, and this week it's running a massive campaign entitled "Go Green with The Sun."


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