September 12, 2006

Worth It, After All...?

Disney is the parent company who will have to deal with the financial, legal and PR fallout of ABC TV's disgraceful docudrama "Path to 9/11", which drew miserable ratings in both the USA and Australia.

It is interesting that the show ran in the USA with no advertisement breaks (advertisers were being threatened with boycotts). Also interesting is that ABC plans to give away copies of the show for free. Even more interestingly, American Airlines has joined a list of individuals who are planning legal action for slander.

Of course, Disney has a long history of over-involvement with some of the nastier elements of the US right-wing. The fact that they went ahead and ran this trash, in spite of all the warnings, is a sign of how panicked the US right wing has become ahead of the mid-term elections. Someone somewhere made a decision that the cost of defamation suits, the lost advertising and the lost prestige was worth the expected political gain.

It makes you wonder what sort of pay-back they are expecting, doesn't it?


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