September 18, 2006

GetUp! Goes To Washington:
This coming week, the US President wants to pass new legislation for trying detainees that's actually far worse than the unfair system the US Supreme Court threw out - and ignoring the facts, our Government barracks from the sidelines. But his new plan is so outrageous that now support from Congress could collapse.

America sees Australia as the closest of allies. At this crucial moment, tell the President of the United States and Congress that another sham system of Guantanamo justice is unacceptable.

The President wants to use the anniversary of September 11 to pass devastating new legislation for trying detainees. It prevents defendants and their lawyers from even seeing evidence against them or confronting witnesses, while allowing prosecutors to use hearsay and evidence obtained through coercion.

If the President is successful, detainees such as David Hicks will never again have access to appeals, or be able to make allegations of torture or mistreatment in the courts.

The American Government has not, and would not ever, allow their citizens to be tried in Guantanamo Bay. Tell them not to create a system of justice for our citizen they wouldn't accept for theirs.

Last month Australian Attorney-General Philip Ruddock promised David Hicks would be brought home by November if not properly charged. And Australians will hold him to that promise.

But first we need to make certain the US doesn't let the Australian Government off the hook with a system so rigged, even leading Republicans and career military lawyers are protesting.

Send your message right now. Let Washington know the eyes of the world are on them - and we expect the real deal, not another kangaroo court.

Thank you for taking urgent action,
The GetUp team


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