June 01, 2009

Evil Begets Evil Bets Evil Begets Evil

It's hard nowadays to see modern day Israel as anything more than a bastardized offshoot of the horrific Nazi regime. The evil committed against Jews by the Nazis has spawned not just one or two or three generations of traumatized Israelis, but a seemingly unending cycle of fear, hysteria, lies and violence.

Beware! The Palestinians and others are today living through the same nightmare, and may well respond with similar levels of hysteria.

Israel Launches ‘Doomsday’ Drill -- News from Antiwar.com

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Bukko_in_Australia said...

Only makes sense to whip up a fervour against opponents who are planning to annihilate you. Because then you can justify genociding THEM! "We HAD to kill all those fucking Pals. They were going to do it to us. We even had the drills!"


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