June 06, 2009

How long before Obama faces widespread social unrest?

Just saw TPM saying Obama holds all the cards on Israel and might be trying to force Netanyahu out, which he can probably do as long as he stays popular. But how long can he stay popular?

Mich. Shutting 3 Prisons, 5 Camps to Save Money - NYTimes.com
Three state prisons will be shut down in coming months and their inmates released or moved elsewhere to save money as Michigan grapples with a budget deficit, officials said Friday.

The sweeping announcement by Gov. Jennifer Granholm's administration also affects the state's five minimum-security prison camps. It drew immediate criticism from the state correction officers union, which warned that public safety would be compromised.

The eight prisons cost $118 million to run and hold about 4,600 inmates.

Tax revenues are continuing to slide in a state hit hard by the recession and the auto industry's problems. Michigan is facing a budget shortfall of at least $1.7 billion in the next fiscal year.


Bukko_in_Australia said...

I tell ya, Gandhi, the possibility of social collapse and descent into violent anarchy is one of the main reasons I'm leery about returning to North America. Next week we're leaving for a month's holiday in the other hemisphere, (with a few days in Hawaii on the way out AND back!) which will include some job-hunting in Vancouver. I'd rather be here, but Mrs. Bukko's always been a bit troppo regarding Oz. However, seeing which way the tea leaves are pointing (or something like that) even she has said "If you don't get hired in Canada, that might not be such a bad thing."

If it does all fall apart in the U.S., it will be a frightful thing to behold. It will be bad enough if Americans stick to killing each other, and any Mexicans/Carribean islanders unlucky enough to be in their midst. But in its death throes, the American Empire could very well launch nukes. I fear we're on the brink of something that will make WW II seem like WW I.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

You ever read this guy's blog, called "Clusterfuck Nation"? The latest post touches upon the likelihood of social unrest in the U.S., not because of emptying the prisons, but when the "Happy Motoring" lifestyle hits the ditch.


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