June 02, 2009

For Sale: Queensland

Forget about raising petrol prices to "save taxpayers money" (eh???).

Take a look at the list of assets being sold off:
Ms Bligh has also announced which publicly owned assets will be put up for sale in this month's state Budget.

She says the Port of Brisbane, Queensland Motorways, Forest Plantations Queensland, Queensland Rail's (QR) coal business, and the Abbot Point Coal terminal, north of Bowen in north Queensland, will be sold.

She told Parliament options for the sale of QR's bulk freight services will also be investigated.
And guess who is building a 490 kilometre railway line and a two-berth export terminal at Abbot Point?

Yes, Clive Palmer, arguably Australia's richest man, who also happens to be suing Anna Bligh for a million dollars.

So has Clive Palmer, the man who bankrolls the failed rightwing Liberal National Party, just bought the supposedly lefwing Queensland Labor Party Government? Looks like that to me.

Or will Clive's mates in the Chinese government be buying up the state? And if so, is that "Socialism" we can believe in? Jeez, I'm confused!

Forget the ideological debate. I just don't see how selling off all your public assets during a massive global downturn can be a good thing. Unless maybe it gets you off the hook in a $1 million lawsuit?


Bukko_in_Australia said...

Doesn't this go against what you posted above about rich bastards, unless Palmer is a secret Jew? Converso, perhaps? Where is the Spanish Inquisition when you expect them?

G. said...

Palmer's wealth is subject to speculation because it's all underground and his company is not ASX-listed. So he might have ruined that trifected, but not on BRW's terms.

I'm wondering if maybe this is Anna Bligh screwing him too, rather than bending over. I mean, maybe privatising these things under his nose means he has to pay exorbitant prices to buy them, or else pay someone else for the privilege - they would have him by the cojones.

So I don't know anything, I'm just a dummy. It's all far too complicated, but it would be nice if SOMEONE in the media was examining this obvious connection.


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