June 15, 2009

You Tell 'Em!

Rupert’s helping hand in apartheid | Antony Loewenstein
Mr Mitchell, your editorial was meant to defend the trip but soon it became an attack at any one who dares to question the policies and actions of Israel. It is one thing to defend the trip and it is another to savage the citizens of conscience who want the Palestinians and the Israelis to reach a Just and lasting peace.

Those who criticise the trip are the same citizens who helped defeat apartheid South Africa and who kept the pressure on Indonesia to give the East Timorese their freedom. Your flurry of expletives is not justified nor warranted. I’m not sure who you had in mind when you described us as: “fanatics”, “loud lobbies with no interest in compromise”, “Israel’s opponents”, “Israel’s enemies”, “extremists and political amateurs”. Your outburst is a testament that our campaigns and mobilisation is making a difference. I’m sure you have received the media release showing that 28% of Australians support the Palestinian position as compared to 24% who support the Israeli position. Are you accusing 28% of the Australian people of being extremists, Israel enemies and political amateurs, Mr Mitchell?

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