October 21, 2004

Bush Expected "No Casualties" In Iraq

When Pat Robertson said that Bush told him there would be no casualties in the invasion of Iraq, the White House had a big problem - do they admit Bush made a massive mistake, or do they call one of the USA's leading Christian evangelists a liar? Here's how they are trying to get out of it:
Bush campaign senior adviser Karen Hughes said Bush adviser Karl Rove was at the Feb. 10, 2003, Nashville meeting and that Robertson's recounting of their conversation "did not happen."

"I think he (Robertson) either misunderstood, misheard, or (had) been confused about what the conversation was,' Hughes said."
So who are you going to believe, Pat Robertson or Karl Rove?

The truth is, both are playing clever, self-interested politics. Robertson is probably telling the truth, but he is also lining himself up for a shot at the GOP leadership if Bush loses. Interestingly, he followed up his revelation by saying he thought Bush would win the election because he was chosen by God. So you can't call him disloyal, can you? And if Bush loses because of Robertson's remarks, well... that must be what the Good Lord intended.

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