October 27, 2004

Bush's Hidden Jet Pack

The concealed wireless device under Bush's suit in the first Presidential Debate continues to generate lots of attention (well, online at least), including quite a few Google/Yahoo search hits to this site.

The bizarre absurdity of the subject matter is also leading to some great cartoons. Following Ted Rall's earlier effort, Doonesbury is now doing a whole new series on it, while Tom the Dancing Bug today has an absolutely hilarious cartoon amalgamation of a cloned Bush trying to destroy the Universe, only to be thwarted by the real, "scrupulously honest" (ha!) Bush who voyages through trans-dimensional portals on the "Internets" (another Bushism) with a concealed jet-pack under his suit!

Bush may need a real Jet Pack soon, to escape the wrath of US voters when they find out what really happened on subjects like 9/11, WMDs, Guantanamo Bay, Ariel Sharon's Israel-on-steroids, the Orwellian Patriot Act, etcetera.... of course, that is IF they ever find out the truth on these issues! And if Bush wins next Tuesday, that is not likely.

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