September 16, 2005

Good News From Australia

Finally, some really good news from Arthur "His Master's Voice" Chrenkoff - the state-sponsored propaganda whore has quit the blogosphere!

Chrenkoff, the author of an endless stream of pro-war "good news" propaganda pieces, says he has been offered a new job which does not allow blogging. I guess that all but concedes that his previous job with pro-war Queensland Liberal Senator Brett Mason DID allow blogging. Indeed, I have always suspected that it was a key component of his job.

It's surely a sign of the times that such blinkered propaganda is no longer required. Chrenkoff's sad efforts to put a positive spin on the calamity of Iraq and the half-assed operation in Afghanistan have long been looking farcical to all but his most hard-core wingnut supporters.

I would like to think that my own widespread complaints to and about Senator Mason might somehow have helped close down Chrenkoff's blogging career, but I suspect that this is more a case of another opportunistic ideologue climbing the greasy neocon pole. If anybody knows where Chrenkoff is going, please let me know...

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