June 01, 2006

A Pardon For Kenny Lay?

AlterNet has a good long look at Bush's Enron Lies. From the comments:
No one, and I mean NO ONE - not Karl Rove, not Poppy, not the Supreme Court, not even the brain-dead American electorate - is more responsible for George W. Bush's ascendancy to the Presidency than "Kenny Boy" Lay. Here's something for you to munch on, kiddies: He's expecting a pardon! In fact, he's probably blackmailing the administration at this very moment.

What's to stop him from going public with the minutes from Dick Cheney's "Energy Task Force" meetings of 2001? If you'll remember, the Veep was adamant about keeping the details of that little get together secret and for a damned good reason: What they had planned for the people of this once-great country was - call it a hunch - probably not in the public interest. As a matter of fact, given the history of these hideous bastards and bitches (Hi, Condie!) it was more-than-likely criminal. You thought Bill Clinton's 11th hour pardon of Marc Rich was outrageous? Just you wait, Henry Higgins, just you wait! In the final hours of the Bush presidency which I estimate to be in about the late summer of 2007 (He'll be impeached long before 20 January 2009) Dubya's pardons will make Bubbah's look frivolous.

Ken Lay has this administration over a barrel right now. It's going to be a laugh riot in the next few months watching the machinations of the Bush White House doing everything humanly possible to keep Lay from cracking and trying to keep their distance from him at the same time - oh, a laugh riot, indeed!


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