June 01, 2006

Sheehan: Don't Wait Till November

Cindy Sheehan in Australia:
The following exchange, however, won sustained applause from the Sydney audience.

A local member of Democrats Abroad was given the floor to urge expatriate Americans to register for the forthcoming Senate and Congressional elections.

Sheehan responded: Have you been watching the news? It’s easy to vote but that doesn’t mean that your vote will be counted.

Democrats Abroad: But if we don’t register and get out there and vote, then we can’t make a change.

Sheehan: I’m not saying you shouldn’t register but what have the Democrats done for us? In the United States there is only one party and it’s called the war party. When it comes to war, both parties agree, and the same people who line their pockets and profit from war keep on doing it.

I’m not saying don’t vote, that’s our right and our responsibility as Americans, but we can’t wait until November. People are dying in the hundreds every day in Iraq.... We can’t count on our politicians to do the right thing—these people have a track record. Real changes only happen when it comes from the bottom up.


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