July 19, 2006

George Bush's Australia: A Nuclear Power?

John Howard admits the USA influences our policies on uranium and says he wants to start an enrichment program here:
"The fact that this [US nuclear energy program] is being developed is a reason why we should look more closely at whether we should process uranium."

Mr Howard also gave his strongest sign yet that he wants a domestic uranium enrichment industry.

"It does seem odd that you wouldn't enrich uranium, doesn't it," he said, adding that although Australia was yet to test US sentiment on the idea he was confident it would be well received.

"I think any administration would accept it. Certainly the present one would accept it ... we would be seen as a totally reliable and trustworthy country."
More detailed analysis from Murdoch's flagship newspaper (which got the PM's scoop gift-wrapped) here.
It is now beyond question that nuclear power around the globe is undergoing a major resurgence. The issue for Australia, however, remains theoretical until a commercial operator comes forward prepared to invest in enrichment, and that may need a US partner.
Anyone got Halliburton's number?


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