July 25, 2006

Opportunity Knocks

Strange to watch a right-wing UK paper getting stuck into Bush:
When Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982, Reagan faced huge domestic pressure to rein in the Israelis. This time, however, there is barely a cheep of protest. Mr Bush's stance in the past 13 days has met more general approval than just about any foreign or domestic initiative since the war against Afghanistan.

Last Thursday, the House of Representatives passed a resolution offering staunch support for Israel by 410 votes to eight...

Of course, this is quite a gamble. Every dead Lebanese civilian is a boost to Islamist recruiting sergeants. Miss Rice's stop-off in Beirut reflected a belated awareness that the Israeli offensive imperils its fledgeling democracy.

She also announced a humanitarian effort. The intended message was "we care" about the Lebanese civilians; not that, to be honest, most Americans do.
History shows that a good war is the best way to boost your approval in the lead-up to US elections. Will the populace be fooled again?

The Telegraph says Bush is now reverting to Clinton-style "shuttle diplomacy" in a desperate effort to rescue his legacy:
If you doubt Mr Bush's determination, look at his holiday schedule: for the first time in five years, brush-clearing at Crawford, Texas, will not be his primary August pursuit.


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