July 18, 2006

Who Is Backing Ghorbanifar?

Yep, he's ba-a-a-ack:
As tensions rise between the U.S. and Iran, Manucher Ghorbanifar has been fanning the flames...

"I didn't create Ghorbanifar. The CIA created him," says Mr. Weldon. "But if the guy has information, I want to listen to him." In his book, Mr. Weldon says that Tehran's purported plot against the New Hampshire power plant "alone is a reason for a military response." The congressman writes that his Iranian exile sources, who go unnamed in the book, provided him "basically a blueprint for mounting a counter-revolution in Iran."

Mr. Ghorbanifar, who has a residence on the Côte d'Azur in southern France, declined through Mr. Mahdavi to be interviewed.
What was that old phrase? Something about "fixing the intelligence around the policy"??? Are we all so stupid and powerless that we are going to stand by and watch this happen all over again???


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