July 19, 2006

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Anonymous said...

The US (actually just some select corporate interests but they are the US) is the most interested party in this global conflict and also the ultimate arbitrator that decides the rules of the conflict and reserves the right to change the rules and their selective application during the conflict. Rule number one states: It’s not terrorism when US or Israel do it.

In a sane world, the UN would be the arbitrator but in this world the UN works only when the US wants it to. UN resolutions target only the Muslim countries because all resolutions that ask Israel to do their part are automatically vetoed by the US. That makes the UN irrelevant at best and part of the problem at worst.

There is oil under those sands and the oil glut is almost here. The Muslims, because they live on those sands, are the enemy. The Muslims have the choice of dieing away slowly and quietly under these rules or being killed in “wars” (of self-defense, of course). That is what Osama Bin Laden was trying, not very successfully, to convince Muslims about and I am sure he appreciates Bush’s help in assisting so many see the light.

The ball is now in the Muslims’ court because the US/Israel show no sign if relenting and Russia and China seem content to watch from the sidelines waiting for the US to be weakened enough for the next inevitable global conflict.


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