July 25, 2006

How Do You Know When The World Is Truly, Deeply FUBAR?

This surely proves it once and for all:

American Idol Stars will "provide relief" at White House Middle East Talks.
Hicks and the other Idols are currently touring America on the Idols live tour and Bush felt sure their trip to the White House would provide a welcome break for himself and visiting British Prime Minister Tony Blair as they tackle the crisis in the Middle East.
I kid you not. Tony Blair will be meeting Bush to discuss a Middle East crisis which he himself calls a "catastrophe". And yet even while civilians keep dying, Bush and Blair will be chilling out from the "hard work" with a couple of bevvies and the crooning sounds of Taylor Hicks. Beautiful! Nero had a fiddle, you know...

Is there nobody in the Bush White House who understands what a monumental PR disaster Bush's open-mike conversation at the G8 summit was? Is there nobody rushing some much-needed damage control to the fore? Apparently not.

Are these people all so ideologically blinkered and complacent that they really believe their "do nothing" policies will work?

It's not just the Middle East, either. As Ed Naha points out:
Don’t you love global leadership? Don’t you wish we had some? You know when Dubya is the leader of the free world, we’re dead meat. Actually, fried meat.

According to the U.S. Climatic Data Center’s Jay Lawrimore, the first six months of 2006 were the warmest, on average, since the United States started keeping records in 1895, and global warming is a contributing factor. Go, USA!

July, August and September are forecast to continue the hot trend over most of the United States, including the vast area of the country west of the Mississippi River, as well as New England, Florida and southern Alaska.

Pretty grim, eh? I mean, some experts are saying that polar bears may turn to cannibalism because there’s no food, anymore. Plus, the entire world is forecasted to become hotsie-totsie. So how did the G8 Summit react? Uh, just before diving into their private jets and heading home, the head honchos chose to “stay the course” and ignore what’s going on. You go, guys!


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