August 12, 2006

Glenn Greenwald:
Given the grand pronouncements with which this war began -- that Hezbollah would be destroyed, that it was the start of the epic war of civilizations -- any honest person (and even many who are not honest) would acknowledge that this is a defeat for Israel and for neoconservative dreams of a wider war. As a result, many in Israel are predicting, and vigorously calling for, the resignation of Israel's Prime Minister.

The disappointment and anger of neoconservatives over this ignominious end must be severe, and it is almost certain to be a source of very intense conflict between them and the Bush administration...

Watching Fox News right now discussing this is like being at a wake. Paul at Powerline is calling for the downfall of the Bush administration. The neoconservative dream for broader war, at least for the moment, has collapsed on its shattered foundations.
I hope his expectations for an end to the war are not premature: the ball is in Hezbollah's court at the moment, it seems. But the reported cycle of recriminations among the hawkish neocons is not unexpected: these are the same people who believe that Vietnam could have been won, if only the USA had used even more overwhelming force.

It's a great trick for those who refuse to ever admit they were wrong: just keep pushing for more and more force, regardless of the consequences, until either you are proven right or the whole world explodes and nobody cares anymore.

Jim Lobe has more detailed analysis of the neocon feeding frenzy.


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