August 03, 2006

The Short, Insane Reign Of PM Ehud Olmert

... is surely heading towards an unhappy ending. Hezbollah today fired at least 206 rockets into Israel, their highest daily tally to date. One landed just inside the West Bank.
In Jerusalem, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told Reuters Israel would fight on until an international force reaches south Lebanon - even though no country has volunteered to send troops in the absence of a truce and a durable cease-fire agreement...

Mr Olmert said earlier Hezbollah's infrastructure had been "entirely destroyed" in the Israeli offensive.
Doesn't really sound like it, does it?

Olmert appears to have been walked into a corner by the Israeli military. This will not end well for him, for Israel, for the Lebanese or anybody else. Except maybe the US arms dealers who will get another boost in sales to replenish Israel's weaponry. Funded by US taxpayers of course.


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