September 04, 2006

Martin LeFevre says the USA lost its soul some time ago:
Progressive Americans who cling to the ‘stolen election’ theory (in Florida in 2000, and Ohio in 2004) are willfully denying that the Bush Administration represents a genuine expression of the general American character and zeitgeist...

The Bush Administration and their supporters have lost the battle of ideas, and so they're making a relentless assault on the truth. These Neanderthals are the last, most hideous bastion of belief in American exceptionalism and righteousness, and they are pushing the world into chaos and anarchy.

Face it; America has become a force for evil, not good in the world. When enough Americans passionately face that fact, it can and will change. But in continuing to deny it, or going just half way toward acknowledging it, the fact continues, and the scoundrels remain in power.

Bush and Rumsfeld, Cheney and Rice constantly project, through America’s incredible military power, their warped and hateful worldview, with the predictable result that the depth and scope of hatred for America has never been greater...

They have lost their ‘war of ideas,’ but truth-seeking Americans must continue to challenge their assumptions, turning Rumsfeld’s words back on them: we must not “allow the distortions and myths to be repeated without challenge.”

That is how we will regain our soul as a people, and once again join the battered and tattered community of nations seeking an imperfect world of peace and cooperation.


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