September 11, 2006

Spare a thought for the Arab Americans' September 11 Anniversay:
Informants and spies are regular conversation topics in the age of terror, a time when friendships are tested, trust disappears and tragedy becomes comedy...

First there was the preventive detention of 5,000 men, grabbed because of birthplace. Then the government sought 19,000 "voluntary" interviews between the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The program of "Special Registration," begun a year after 9/11, required the interviewing and fingerprinting of more than 170,000 men from twenty-four Muslim-majority countries (and North Korea). Special Registration initiated deportation proceedings for almost 14,000 more people. Not one of these initiatives produced a single terrorism conviction, but together they served as theatrics purporting to show that the government is fighting the war vigorously at home, especially by clearing the nation of thousands of its Muslims.


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