September 09, 2006


Atrios says:
Really. I still have no idea why we invaded Iraq. I really don't.
The obvious answer is the oil, of course. But beyond that, there is this whole bogus "war on ahem" nonsense.

Simply put, the US military/industrial complex needed a new enemy on a scale that would keep their post-WWII, post-Cold War machinery churning out dollars. Combine that with Peak Oil, and a war against Arabs was pretty obvious. Even better if it is a religious war, since that will keep the die-hard GOP faithful on side. So they started poking Muslims with sticks...

The results are totally predictable, and few people bother to point out that - by his own rationales - Bush is losing whatever excuse for a war he may think he is fighting.

But maybe that's the plan, to stir up a hornet's nest:
Today, political Islam -- a diverse movement with moderate as well as hard-line elements -- has been widely embraced in the Arab world, where many feel alienated by corrupt rule and foreign policies seen as serving the interests of the United States and its ally Israel.

"Since September 11, I have worked on massive public opinion polls in the Muslim and Arab world. You can see the animosity between September 11 and now. It's growing and it is worrying," said Jihad Fakhreddine, a Lebanese analyst based in Dubai.


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