October 23, 2006

Does The USA Control The Iraqi Blogosphere?

Iraqi Konfused Kid has a good roundup of Iraqi blogger's response to the shit-fight from his previous post about Iraq The Model and the Lancet study (655,000 deaths).

ITM's reaction was telling:
While knowning that this debate was taking place, IRAQ THE MODEL moderators have not responded in any direct way, they simply removed Konfused Kid's name from their blog-index and they posted something that may be an implicit reply that supplemented their Lancet post. They followed that by removing names of some other bloggers who participated in the debate.
And from the comments, where Tom Villars is still actively trying to shape the debate:
I am glad to see the emergence of an Iraqi blogosphere, as Jeff Jarvis predicted years ago.
Heh. Lest we forget, Villars and Jarvis helped set up ITM and lots of other Iraqi blogs.

The USA does not control the Iraqi blogsphere, but certain people do their best to control how US voters experience it.


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