October 25, 2006

Magic Happens

You know, one of the most beautiful moments of my life was when my little girl was born into this world and she recognised me as her father. She was born by C-section. After a quick cuddle from Mummy, she was taken out of the operating theatre for a quick bath and a warm wrapping, then handed into my care for about thirty minutes, while Mummy got stitched up. I had been singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to her in the womb, and now I started gently singing it to her again. She immediately stopped crying and gave me a surprised look of recognition. That was about the best thirty minutes of my life.

It wan't long before she was poking out her tongue when we poked out our tongues, and you could see how happy she was just to be communicating. There were other magic milestones in communication too, of course, like when she first managed to communicate with her hands, or when she said her first words.

It occurs to me that that - fundamentally - is what we are doing here: communicating. And there is a certain joy you get when you communicate the honest truth. And it's magic.


Anonymous said...

Wishing you well Gandhi.
You bring back memories of each of my three children being born. Thank you.
Now after eight years my household is broken up. we split the night before our seventh anniversary. i'm losing my desire to do anything.
oh well.
Fight the good fight my brother, it seems you have more than enough fire in your belly, i'm done.

Anonymous said...

sorry, that was me. dougman

gandhi said...

Sorry to hear that, Dougman, but keep your chin up, eh? Whatever happens in your marriage, I'm sure your kids will still need you and love you. Be strong for them.

gandhi said...

Just to reinforce what I am trying to say in this post, it's all about communicating the HONEST truth.

I don't think lying is the same.

It's about reaching out and touching somebody in a SHARED reality.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gandhi.

"it's all about communicating the HONEST truth."

I agree completely.
I think my wife lied to me before we were married.
She told me that all through her teenage years that her doctors said it would be a miracle if she was to ever become pregnant.
Well, three miracles (or lies) later, i can honestly say i don't love her.
I can see her lack of loving the truth, let alone acknowledging the truth, when a situation arises where the truth would put her in a bad light.
No integrity, in my opinion.
I suppose it was my innocence (or ignorance) that left me wide open to being used by her to take care of her.
But i never, ever considered abortion as a path to take.
I'll always be grateful for the gift i was allowed to be apart of.

Now i think i've found the spark to ignite my ambition to make this world better for next generation.
I really don't want them to have to deal with the stupidity that is running the world today, and yesterday, & on & on,..

Thanks again,

gandhi said...

That's the spirit, Dougman!

I had a girlfriend like that once - broke my heart, but then I kept thinking back to particular situations where something had seemed a bit wierd, and with the benefit of hindsight things started to make more sense...

Cue the music, Billy Joel!

Honesty, is such an easy word...


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