October 29, 2006

NYT Hearts Bush: There They Go Again

More nauseating crap from the New York Times in the run-up to an election. Remember last time and the time before that, when they sat on all manner of stories that could have exploded the Bush campaign? Well, ...

Let's start with this crap:
Neither Ms. Rice nor Mr. Zelikow would comment for this article.
Sure they didn't. The article in question is all about what a great, visionary voice of reason Zeliko has been. Only one solitary, stupid para about his work on the 9/11 Commission:
He became the executive director of the 9/11 Commission, from where he pressured Ms. Rice to turn over highly classified intelligence estimates and testify in front of the commission. Officials who worked with him marveled at his industry and precision, but described him as far more opinionated than his gather-the-numbers approach might first suggest. Staffers on the commission said other colleagues were assigned the task of smoothing over the bruised egos of those who had crossed Mr. Zelikow.
HELLO!!?!?! THIS IS THE GUY WHO SMOTHERED ALL REFERENCES TO RICE'S JUNE 2002 MEETING WITH TENET!!!! Then there's another touch-feely profile, this time for Tony Snowjob:
Snow, who is 51, is 6-foot-4, with a genial lectern slouch and a chin that looks as if it were built for contact. But the first thing you notice about him is his facility at managing the fragile balance of a press room, its constant teeter between sincerity, open hostility and absurdity...
Facility? The guy has made historically inept goofs time and again! But the article implies that, after 5 months on the job, it's OK coz Snow is still just learning the ropes. They say his regular lies may not "survive scholarly scrutiny", but they get the job done "like a temporary pontoon bridge built to scurry the troops across the river".
Tony Snow’s tenure is becoming a study in the science — and limits — of political charm.
Puh-lease! Snow's tenure is an excercise in the gullibility of the US public, and the mendacious silence of the corporate-owned press. Here's what Arianna said of his last week:
First he had to explain how President Bush never said "stay the course" despite all those listings on "The Google" that prove he did. Next, he had to explain how Vice President Cheney hadn't really confirmed that detainees were waterboarded despite that interview in which Cheney called the torture technique a "no-brainer." Finally, he was forced to keep a straight face while trying to make the case that those race-baiting RNC ads in Tennessee were "a little bit cute."


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