October 27, 2006

Press Pack Turns On Rumsfeld

And about bloody time! E&P highlights this exchange:

Q Given the record, Mr. Secretary, can you blame us for the tone, expressing some skepticism? Because --

SEC. RUMSFELD: Well, no. That's your job. You can express all the skepticism you want.

Q Every time a benchmark has been laid down in terms of security forces, and the like, the Iraqis have been unable to meet them.

SEC. RUMSFELD: That is just false.

Q And you have no --

SEC. RUMSFELD: Just a minute. Just a minute!

That is false!

Q That is not false.

SEC. RUMSFELD: Every time a security benchmark has been laid down the Iraqis have failed to meet it? Wrong! Just isn't true. And it would be a shame if people walked out thinking it.

Just a minute! Just a minute!

Q Okay.

SEC. RUMSFELD: Now, why do I say it's wrong? Well, first of all, it has the benefit of being true that it's wrong...
Rummy later makes it clear that it is the word "every" which he objects to. He says the Iraqis have been able to meet benchmarks sometimes:
That means your question, your statement, your assertion is flat wrong. You said "every" security benchmark has been missed. That's not true! They've done a darn good job.

Q Perhaps the assertion was too precise --

SEC. RUMSFELD: Too precise? It was inaccurate.

Q But in terms of their ability --

SEC. RUMSFELD: You might want to retract it. Just for the fun of it, just retract it.
Picking at hairs while half a million pie lie dead, and more follow every day...


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