October 19, 2006

Tomorrow's News Today

From the New York Times, January 17, 2009:
President Bush today said that critics of his Clean The Streets campaign were "un-American" and "giving comfort to our enemies". He said it was important for Americans to "stay on message" and unite as one to achieve his newly declared goal of US Global Empire.

"Americans learned on October 13th last year just how determined and resolute our enemies are," said Mr Bush. "We now know that anti-American terrorists are not limited to one state, one region or even one culture. Nothing less than total global domination will give Americans back the basic freedoms we once took for granted."

President Bush defended a recent string of detentions for media commentators on the basis that their continued criticism of his decision last November to suspend elections was hurting America's image abroad and confusing citizens at home.

"It's got to the point where these people are living in a fantasy world," said Mr Bush. "But the perils we face are real. So I am forced to take action against these propagandists, to ensure that the American people understand the real threat that confronts us, so that we can - you know - stand united as one."

President Bush's comments were interrupted at one stage by a small band of protesters. Five men and three women were quickly arrested. Officials said they would be moved to the newly constructed Halliburton Homeland detention centres in New Jersey, where they will await processing...
Inspired by Juan Cole.


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