October 20, 2009

The Anger Still Burns In Many Of Us, It Seems...

David Hare: It all started 96 hours after 9/11 | David Hare | Comment is free | The Guardian
Every period throws up its own favoured means of mass distraction, but you're going to have to pull every history book off the shelf to find a distraction quite as nothing-to-do-with-anything as the US invasion of Iraq. The decade's significant date of choice for most historians is taken to be 11 September 2001. An airborne suicide attack on the twin towers in New York killed 2,948 people of 91 different nationalities. But if I was going to choose the day when the destiny of the new century really took shape, then I'd opt for 96 hours later. On 15 September, George Bush assembled his cabinet in casual clothes at Camp David (Paul Wolfowitz came without invitation and wore a suit) and, over chicken noodle soup, fried chicken and mashed potatoes, began to yield to the dazzling temptation of deliberately pursuing the wrong suspect. Hey, said the Americans, Let's Look Away.


Bukko_in_Australia said...

One thing you can't look away from is something that gives you an intense pain, like a burning wound. I have a sad feeling that a large part of the world's population will end its life unable to look away, within our lifetime. (And maybe right at the end of it...)

On a side note, I scrolled down to see the comments and noticed they were heavily redacted by the moderator. Is it usually that way with The Guardian?

Winter Patriot said...

This is fine, I suppose, except for that its core is blatantly hypocritical BS.

by which I mean: It buys into all the official 9/11 lies and supports (though artfully and indirectly) the position that says America should have hit Afghanistan harder and longer instead of veering off and attacking Iraq.

That's Obama's position too. The fact is, America should have found out WHO was behind 9/11 FIRST and not attacked ANYBODY until we knew for sure. But Bush and his crowd couldn't very well allow THAT, could they?

This is the basic truth behind everything else that is happening now, and Hare himself is Looking Away from the core problem, even while he ripping everybody else for doing exactly the same thing.

It doesn't make it any easier to swallow this BS when he writes "I'm reluctant to speak ill of Looking Away. I do a great deal of Looking Away myself."

In my view, it makes his whole distracting rant much more despicable. He knows he's doing it and he admits it but still does it anyway. Can you think of anything less sincere than that?

Almost as bad, in my view, is his closing point:

At some point, public figures are going to have to move off the distraction agenda and on to the real.

This is absolutely false, and it's getting farther and farther from true every day. Public figures are now and always have been the best liars of their generation -- and now they are supported (although some liars say "constrained") by the most powerful lying machine there ever was.

It's no wonder Hare doesn't give any evidence to support his final lie. There isn't any.

Same as there's no evidence to support his lie about 9/11.

May they all rot in hell.


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